Tuesday 14 July 2015

Why are companies increasing their interest in Gamification?

Gamification can significantly impact learner’s engagement levels. By using Gamification as a strategy companies can add value and influence key focus areas - recruitment, employee learning, internal collaboration and in turn productivity

Studies indicate resources are unable to share or show their best output, creativity, ideas and inputs which is literally increasing their sense of alienation and mental disengagement process

There is a compelling rationale why human resource teams of companies are running gamification sessions and pilots. Here are few:

  • Users have tasks based on competencies that a company has plans to develop – strategic thinking, technology savvy or interpersonal effectiveness - through their games.

  • Users are better prepared as the game they get exposed to educates them about basic expectations in terms of skills and services to succeed in a role.

  • Learner’s ability for a particular skill gets tested based on questions to assess his current and required level of understanding.
  • Employee learning is realistic and the simulations are live examples that include situation (Business scope), characters and narrative for a more practical way of learning which prepares the employee for real world without an on job training.
  • There is a fun element in the games with several features that facilitate better learning – options, timer, outcomes and feedback.

  • Learner is compelled to take decisions in different scenarios and has own up consequence of their decision. This actually provides learners a platform to apply learning in a training environment, practice enough prior to trying with real customers, allowing them to avoid all those first time mistakes they could possibly do without that game learning.

It is time to play the game, brain storm the game, use the experts, test learning outcomes with live people, measure results and launch it in a big way.
Treat each idea with care, stretch your imagination around it regarding how it can transform to great game and bring that much needed learning to all those who play the game.

Are you ready to play or design one?

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