Saturday 16 September 2017

Corporation: Does Storytelling Method Really Help In Business?

Let us begin with your story then. If I ask you to remember and share something about your life that matters to you the most - what will that be?

And if I ask you why do you still remember that so distinctly, can you respond to that? 

Let us try and understand how most of us tend to remember things.

School/ Education:

Which period was more fun and more productive – the theory part, taking notes, listening to lectures or practical assignments?

Corporate/ Job

Which part stayed in your mind longer - The 8 hour Class room based training on different subjects or experiential learning from your team lead?

Social media

What are you glued to most – lengthy blogs, podcasts or videos?

Your own work

Remember the power point presentation you did a few years back – You do not quite remember the slides exactly however you do remember what you wanted to say to your audience because you had to brain storm the story board first.

An old book

An old movie

A childhood memory

An incident from the past

A friendly chat

Everything - simple and complex subject - that stays in your mind has a specific sequence and specific structure

What content does to us through different medium is stir our minds by talking about history, an experience, something creative or soft selling an idea

There are four layers of communication:

Connect: Your first connect with your audience – through any medium / any channel?

Relate: Does your subject have any relevance to your target audience and their interest?

Build Trust: Did you take enough efforts to build trust?

Influence: If the first three is not done appropriately, there is no way you can influence one’s learning, decisions, business or sales.

The art of storytelling had good measure of all the above and therefore more effective. It helps retention in one’s memory easily.

The blog title was a question and I could have just answered it here. What I opted to do instead is rope you in and deep dive individual parts of your life – Your school, college, job, social life - so that you know how stories can affect you, impact you, change you  and motivate you.

Now imagine this:

If I wrote this blog with the following headings:

What is Story telling?
The Art of Storytelling
Advantages of Storytelling
Key components of Storytelling
Will you be  awake by the end of it?

A meaningful story stays in one's mind. And that is all that matters.

Storytelling in business:

You establish the agenda
You define the pain point
You offer the solution

You give your audience a reason to do business with you because you are telling them their story and your solution is that “happily ever after” for them. 

Regardless of label - an entry level resource to CXO - the story should address their mental caliber to trigger thinking about what you want them to think - You, your company and your solution.

Write to if you are struggling with a story board for a pitch deck, investor deck, corporate overview or any content for that "happily ever after" quotient with your client - We will be glad to assist with an outline.

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