Wednesday 13 September 2017

Make Your Own Lane: Live Feedback On Pitching and Quoting For End To End Work

Here is an excerpt from one of my mails to a beginner pitching for end-to-end work for an Australian client

Scope of Work:

Market research
Social Media Strategy
Website design
Website content development
Product Package design

How much to quote:

Hourly to fixed rates?

Find hourly based on current salary:
That is your prevailing market rate based on past experience

To pad, quote three times that rate

Factors to consider if you have to drop that rate

Client background
Your first time in this domain
Possibility of repeat business
Is it a new feather in your cap – adding to your portfolio?
Is it increasing your world dominion – A client from a new geography?
Is it good for your capability case study?
Does this project require your intervention in different functions?

Client in scope:

The client has outsourced quite a few jobs 
Client has received good feedback from freelancers.
There is a potential for big projects with this client.

Time required:

Market research:                                $250 (10 Hours)
Social Media Strategy:                        $250 (5 Hours)
Promotion                                          $250 (Ongoing)

How should you propose if you include a freebie?

 Market research:                                $300 (10 Hours)
Social Media Strategy:                         $300 (5 Hours)
Promotion                                           $300 (Ongoing)
WIX at no cost                                    (4 Critical Pages)

(The amount indicated here is for illustration purpose only)

WIX Advantages:

 Practically site readiness is free for client
Ready WIX design
72 hours delivery
User friendly – Easy maintenance for client
Loads of features
Content readiness based on your research
First time market feedback before final website construction
Reasonable monthly charges instead of hosting charges
Saving the trouble to handle multiple freelancers

Remember, you are not just a resource, you are the coach

Source Freelancers (Extra Mile)

Product package design
Look up for professionals proficient with graphic designing.

Upgrade skills to pitch for end to end projects:

Going forward, objective should be to bid for end-to-end projects, starting from market study to competitive intelligence, marketing strategy and launch, web design and social media campaigns to support specific target market (Startups/ first time entrepreneurs)

Building credibility

Based on projects completed, you need to come up with small case studies and include those in website.

The website link will be a sum of all your assignments that will contribute to your branding

LinkedIn profile is a sum of all your roles – present and past that partially brands the firms you are associated with.

You share the website link with your clients if you do not want them to know about your primary occupation.

Write to if you have challenges regarding your side hustle, client pitch, justifying quotes and designing your proposal. We have a few quick tips handy that has worked for a few BECKON Learning Community members.

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