Thursday 7 September 2017

Make Your Own Lane: Nuances of Bid Description And High Level Quotes

Here is a live feedback shared for one of the gig sample I received last month.

Gig Title

I Will Help You With Market Research And Competitor Intelligence

Help sounds like charity; You can use Do/ Assist instead.
Market Research and Competitor Intelligence can be two different gigs as the line of research is different for the two themes.

Gig Description

Are you struggling with business plan? Do you have problems understanding the market and your competitors? Then let me help you out.

Your gig description is your pitch and your differentiator.
Is this description enough to instill confidence in a random buyer about your capabilities?
The key components reflect in the image – You may want to add that here.
o   Executive Summary
o   Methodology
o   Key Developments In The Market
o   The Future
o   Market Segmentation
o   Leading Market Players
o   SWOT Analysis
o   Recommendations
o   Conclusions


Images should be relevant and make any sense.Gig image is part of your Gig brand

Image Credit: Canva Design
Rate/ Quote

Your rate ideally should not change based on the platforms/ portals
Even if the base price is $5 or $10, you can charge up to $10000 for a project
You obviously do not want buyers who want a plan for $15/ $20 because they are not ready for business yet. They can only get a template for that amount – You are not providing templates.
If others are able to give plans, presentations, research for $10 then that is their target buyers, not yours.
If your intention is to quote this rate till you get the hang of it, then that is your call.
See Custom Offer Sample in booklet to see how to justify your quotes/ rates/ price
When you do customized plans/ presentations – you require roughly 8/9 hours of research to build your conviction or write the first word of your storyboard. Imagine yourself in front of the panel (Investors/ Bank Managers/ Whoever) - Can you read their mind? Can you guess what you buyer (Business) is doing wrong? Can you manage that in the plan/ presentation? Just think real time. Period. All that thinking cannot happen for negligible quote please.  
Your profile shows several years of experience, so your audience know you are not an intern or college student here to make some pocket money.
You are a professional - Charge for revision
Write to for a perspective and evaluation of your service description for more effective sales

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