Friday 8 September 2017

Make Your Own Lane: In A Class Of 40, Are You The One With Results?

How many people do you know who have completed their graduation with you and are not doing anything right now – anything that triggers income?

If there were 40 students in that class who appeared for the same exam that you did and graduated from the same college – and few of them chose a different path, is it fair to blame the University, lecturers, syllabus and mode of teaching regarding outcomes?

If a few graduates chose to get a job and others did not or stopped trying after sometime, is it circumstances or attitude that is responsible for end results?

Some of my students who bought the booklet, seriously could not acquire clients independently while others with same version of booklet is doing better than what I did in the initial months.

I even decided to add more material, more examples, more samples in the next version of the booklet to ensure each question is addressed and one is able to perform in the online world.

For the last assignment I delivered to an Australian client who was launching his coaching business, I had to read a book – The Slight Edge (By Jeff Olsen) which made things clear - No matter how many pages I add to the booklet, the problem is not with how much information I provide, it is about an individual's ability to process that information to their own advantage. 

This list should assist new learners build the slight edge and achieve results:

1] Do something (no matter how little) everyday towards your new learning 

2] Be consistent - If you decided to read 10 minutes everyday, it means every single day - It cannot be 70 minutes in one day

3] Have good attitude 

4] Be committed for a long time

5] Believe that it will happen and work with passion

6] There is a cost associated with every new learning or change in behavior

7] Be honest to yourself

Each one is connected to other. I will provide more details in the next blog.

Write to what kind of list you followed to get results and which one was most effective?

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