Thursday 21 September 2017

Make Your Own Lane: Live Feedback On Skills and Services

The flow chart is the same always and I am observing this trend for the past one year.

 1] Excited to establish online income

Side hustle, multiple careers and alternative incomes is the new normal. The gig economy is here to stay and one who is new or unaware of this opportunity - as they never bothered to look elsewhere due to their primary occupation - often gets excited about the convenience of the whole thing
There is no travel – Work from home
There is no certification required - Just the ability to deliver as per client needs
There is no major investment – except buying a booklet. You can also attempt yourself by learning from Google. The booklet saves huge search time and some costly mistakes

No training

2] Eager to be engaged

Those who buy the beginner’s guide obviously are keen to start right away which is a good sign. They read quickly and even make notes however in all the excitement the absorption of key themes is often diluted. 

III.       3] The three questions:

In the very first SKYPE session or mail, I receive the same set of questions

What skills should I offer as services? What rates should I charge for my services? Which portal should I begin?

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Just yesterday I had one of these questions worded differently and my response is captured here, almost as shared on mail, for the benefit of others who have similar dilemma

Skills Set

1] You do two things simultaneously – use your existing skills to bid while you acquire new skills for future.

2] What can be found in Google, decisions and opinion related questions will not be answered on mail or SKYPE. The reasons are:

In the name of support, I cannot disable you from thinking and taking key decisions. Decision making is significant learning.
You know best what you are good at or at least good enough to assist a client online.
You have to take the final call what skills you want to offer to test the market.
Web designing; Bid Management, Business Planning etc. are niche, high paying jobs and needs extensive training. 
First identify top 3 skills of which you are confident now and then next 3 skills that you want to learn online.
Once you let me know – I will let you know what avenues you have
You can self-learn SEM/ SEO at your own pace – What is it that you will offer now? NOW
3] How will you identify what skills you are good at?

Example, if you choose to do power point, share a sample with me – I will let you know if it meets market standards and provide you live feedback. Based on feedback you self-learn online.

Alternatively, pick up any live project and see if you can execute it – Do not waste too much time. If you feel confident, go ahead and create a profile to get started with bidding.

4] The next challenge you will face is how to fix rates for your skills. That is your call again.

Write to to know how to identify skills and use just one skill with different buyers

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