Monday 11 September 2017

Make Your Own Lane: A B C D E F For Beginners To Establish Online Income

When someone approaches me wanting to learn more about

1] What are some genuine online income opportunities?
2] Can they get started on their side hustle with their regular job? 
3] How fast can they can either add to or replace their current income?
They know the answer for all three questions. So I do not quite give them direct answers - I show them a plan.

Many of my friend’s friends who are complete strangers have the exact same questions. As I do not know their background, I prefer to begin the plan with some open ended questions in response to their fundamental three questions.

Just to be sure they remember what I discussed when I show the plan, I capture key components in a mail so that even if they are second thinking the whole thing again – whenever the need arises, they can read the same mail again to help them overcome their inertia.

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Here are excerpts from one such mail I shared last night who joined the BECKON Learning Community yesterday (with some explanation)

A - Association 

You are the average of the 5 people you associate with the most - Jim Rohn

If you are getting ready to start something new and you seek opinion from those people who have not walked that path – exactly what do you expect to learn?

There are people with fire in their belly wanting to make a difference and they are really surrounded by average people – corporate guys with materialistic ambitions then how do they create that association – The first thing is to begin by reading books.

B - Background 

How you are conditioned and what is your belief system?

Give a subject and let that person talk for a minute – you will know how his mind is influenced – negative or positive.

C – Capability

What are your skills?
Is that enough to get started?
What are your plans for learning and bridging gaps through coaching?

D - Disciplined 

How determined you are directly impacts your discipline scope.
The more excuses you have the more delay you will experience to see results of your efforts.

E - Every day 

I reiterate again and again, no matter what, some things you have to every day, every single day

F - Financials 

How you manage the fundamentals will reflect on your financials.

Critical questions discussed are listed below:

1] What is your financial goal today and post retirement?

2] What will you say if anyone asks what you do?

3] Three top income streams today

4] Three top income streams in future  

5] Whatever is your annual target income - Your aim should be to source one client in 1 year who will give you orders worth that amount - rest of the orders are just practice

6] High level skill assessment

7] Activate your social media channels

8] When any one asks about your freelancing pursuit, since you are new and yet to conduct presentations and coaching, be honest that you are still in the learning mode

9] Transit time to be used for reading.

10] Today as learner you are BECKON Aspirant. In future you become BECKON Coach when you retain 80% of order value 

11] If you support large project with me (This is not guaranteed but a possibility) we will separately discuss scope and quotes well in advance before quoting my client.

*12] Scope for improvement: Email Communication as what you write and how you write creates the first impression on clients. 

*Point 12 is relevant to the participant in scope. I add just one point where the BECKON aspirant can begin working to improve by self-learning.

Write to to join BECKON Learning Community to learn live, on the job and get started with  your ventures.

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