Sunday 31 December 2017

Do The Experienced Professionals Need Internship?

I will leave you with that question for a minute.

Just look at the tension in today’s job market - Is it because millennial generation have a better way of doing things than the Generation X?

Again I am going to let you ponder on that question as well.

Digital Competence

In the emerging digital age, do you feel that you are not competent enough, fast enough, smart enough, knowledgeable enough or productive enough?

Just being efficient enough to juggle between apps is not digital competence. Seriously!

An even worse scenario is this:

Do you think your whole past work experience is not good enough? Those two or three decades of work is actually going against you because you are not able to quantify your achievements?

If any one of these thoughts cross your mind even once, you are a potential candidate for internship.

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Seeking To Return To Work

It is a huge challenge to re-launch and set your career graph in the appropriate direction. However during a job gap, say the five years you were missing in action, a lot has changed.

“People of age” definitely need to take internship first to take stalk of business and job market and then to up skill to fit into that dynamic job landscape.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in taking extended break provided you have skill and knowledge coping mechanisms in place.

There are many women who once had a great career, took time off to raise children, manage domestic priorities or take care of ailing seniors at home.

There are two ways to catch up - read when you are away or pick an internship to be back.

The Switchover

There are many senior workers who actually want to do something of their own. They are aware that there is so much happening outside the corporate world. Some of them have the dough to get started as they are in their income peaks, however they are not sure about the kneading process, the grind and what to expect from an alternate income venture - a business, e-commerce, consulting, coaching or software company.

They have rich experience however without much clarity about how the startup Eco system works. They are probably too proud to be hand held because they definitely have an intelligent mind of their own. 

If they work for a live project either as a Co-Founder or on equity that can just be the much required trigger for them to take the final plunge, gather the required skills and mindset for a seamless switchover

Is that not internship too for first time entrepreneurs – in the startup world?

Two major outcomes of this switch over would be

1] Someone younger replaces him
2] Many more job opportunities can be created through his company

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