Tuesday 26 December 2017

Over 60 Clients Without "Speaking" One Word In English

I have to address this today.

I seriously do not want to lose out on potential contributors. I call potential learners and future BECKON aspirants as contributors because I know many of them can support global clients and bring home their pay in dollars without moving out of their couch/house.


Another reason to call them contributors is because they will soon graduate to BECKON Coaches and hand-hold many more new aspirants to create their own market and make their own lane.

One of the BECKON Aspirants sent me a mail today with this doubt. 

Someone he knows is unemployed, even with a master degree in computer applications and after graduating with Arts. Somewhere deep-down both – the aspirant and his friend believes that their lack of fluency in English will hinder their growth even in the online zone.

That is how limitations are created.

One’s belief system and the external force (friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors) validating that with their opinion.

Comprehension is more critical than communication

First of all, the terms of service in some portals do not allow users to share their contact details, so obviously the clients cannot talk to you, even if they want to. They can communicate only through messaging.

There are many people who can mail in almost perfect English using various online resources – google translator, online support, word spell check. The concern while speaking is the speed. The words do not come out as fast as you think due to poor vocabulary.

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Explore more about the following to self-learn in a better way


Words and gestures that we use to communicate and convey meaning

Visual Communication


Ability to read, write, speak and listen to a language, apply, contextualize and use written information appropriately that facilitates effective communication

Critical thinking
Synthesizing speaking


By now you know this is your mathematical skills – how you absorb, use, evaluate, critically analyze inputs either numerically or graphically.

So fundamentally, you may know the words and the language, either it is pace, sequence or practice that is hindering your ability to speak fluently.

So, 2017 is nearly done. It is time to make four quick resolutions for 2018

1] Microlearn and read every day
2] Try something new that is productive leading to your outcome
3] Learn just two English words each day and apply it.
4] Establish online income in the next quarter

So did I answer that critical question – Can you earn and acquire global clients online with your individual skills, even if you are not very fluent in English?

Yes, you can!

Now read the title of this blog. 80% of my clients do not have my mail ID, contact details or even access to my linked profile.

What I send as my proposal (which is thought through after thorough research of client needs) is in written English

What I communicate to clarify queries is on mail

So get started.

Contact here for additional resources and ideas to brush up your existing skills. 

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