Monday 18 December 2017

Make Your Own Lane: Find Your Reasons To Learn and Use Your Skills

Today I have an interesting point to make.

I got to get this wrapped really soon as I have another blog to write, a place to visit in the next half an hour, an evening walk that I can never miss and a quick family gathering at the end of the day.

Someone from our tribe – engaged in alternate learning model – who had a tough time deciding which skills to offer as services just a couple of months back – to whom I dedicated one full blog (Read here)

How does it make you feel, when as a coach you receive this on your birthday from the learner who had no clue about the existence of any such site even two months back, without a LinkedIn profile and inactive on face book –In short, digitally dead
Image Credit: Canva Design
We are not done yet. She writes her first blog for her upcoming project Indriyaah, a home based salon here

Am I making a big deal about micro learning?

That is your first step to alternate learning model.

Learn something new each day, at your own pace, from a reliable source

In BECKON Learning Community we have 

Educators who design clothes or plan to conduct tours
Corporate professionals who support word press initiatives
Non MBAs who support startup Eco system with business plans and strategy
Academically average students support in research

The problem with factory model education is – We stop learning or acquiring new skills if there are no exams or scores. 

When you self teach something new or through peer support, get to apply new learning and you see the impact – That is your certification.

To know more or join the tribe and be engaged in outcome driven initiatives, connect here

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