Sunday 13 July 2014

Beyond Testimonials and Training Feedback Scores

There is a myth around testimonials and training feedback scores.They are almost always positive.

As a facilitator, if one conducts a program keeping this as their end result that they should gather positive feedback scores and great testimonials, the training structure will obviously meet just that - content designed for a charged full on session.

The participants just love  the training program, the audios, videos, role plays, the trainer's hair cut, his blazer, his attitude which makes training day so different from other college or corporate days and they love all of it. The trainer scores a five out of five and the program something close. 'The training was a great learning experience.' The reports show all the right figures - great attendance, great scores,  great testimonials.

Thought experiment is a powerful technique in presentations - So here, let us imagine another consultant meets the same audience a year later to carry forward the learning experience minus the fancy stuff this time. "So what was your key learning last time?" he asks to set expectations that his program revolves around assignments, will measure learning and quantify results.  This consultant can even disengage a participant from a workshop on the grounds that he remembers nothing from the last training session,  zero interest in learning derived from assessments and can be absorbed only in future workshops provided he has an outcome to achieve. If a resource does not have any clarity on what changes he wants in his behavior or what goals he intends to achieve,  there can be no training agenda for such a participant.

For individuals BECKON Program is spread across two days with a gap of 10 business days to cover and capture personality traits and then align appropriate training. The preliminary tests and questionnaire will reveal if the participant is an introvert or an extrovert, visual,  auditory or kinesthetic learner, individual or group learner, self aware or self absorbed, retarded skill wise or will wise, left or right brained,  logical, analytic or creative and to enable him to reach his true potential,  is it training or coaching,  mentoring or motivating that is required?

BECKON Consultants do not measure their success based on how many attended the program,  how many clients,  how many great feedback scores,  how many testimonials,  how many recommendations or how many references. The only measure of our success is how many achieved their desired outcomes following BECKON model - The outcome can literally be anything - Weight loss or cracking in GMAT, a promotion or performance,  a placement or an enterpreneurial effort,  a certification or learning a new language or just finding yourself back like you were before. BECKON establishes that will to leverage your inherent and acquired skills.

BECKON is the way to lead you to your outcome. Your success is BECKON's testimonial and those who are positively impacted by your success is BECKON's true feedback scores.

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