Saturday 5 July 2014

Learning: The Tiger Is Never Red

Most writers become motivational speakers; many middle managers become free lancers; the senior professionals naturally drift to become consultants; people with brief stints in multiple roles automatically believe they are entrepreneur material as they know all aspects in Corporate environment and after a year, dive back to a job - as they learn knowing all aspects of business and knowing sales alone are two different abilities.

Many housewives almost all their waking hours plan to open a creche, day care, unisex salon, preschool, a boutique; many young MBA grads from  premium business school always have Mark Z or Steve Jobs playing hell in their mind and sneer at every corporate job they get in campus drives; many finish their engineering first before they decide what to do with their lives next?

What is this rambling all about?  A Cheetah is known for its spots, not stripes and a tiger is never red. Some qualities are natural and some nurtured.  Our acquired knowledge from a degree or certification is very limiting and what we do  is often subject to our mental conditioning. 

If people begin drawing their energies towards a more realistic professional goal - some thing that wil support their journey from net worth to self worth, to assess what they are without their labels and align with their natural preferences - their level of commitment and satisfaction is bound to be much more.

It is not just a combination of skills and competencies that always count for success and happiness, it is the extent your work is  close to what you always wanted to do.

A dentist in BPO sales, an engineer taking calls in a call center,  an MBBS as a senior  corporate leader - Aren't their degrees an individual and national waste? Is it just survival strategy?  For some it takes a few years and for others it takes decades to realize what their true calling is.

BECKON with its rigorous assessments coupled with relevant training which is not pre-designed but created based on evaluation not only highlights  your natural preferences but also the required scope of being nurtured to achieve,  enjoy and impact- through what you do.

BECKON is assessment based training agenda. We meet our prospects with a clean slate, not with a pre conceived notion or a ready made power point presentation. We spend considerable time in knowing our prospect before we propose what is required - coaching, mentoring, motivating, training or just time. If our assessment indicates, it is just phase or state of mind and will improve without our involvement,  we build a fruitful relationship with you, not by assisting you or offering you our services but restoring your faith to access your own resources till you achieve your desired outcomes.

BECKON's end result is learning to impact.

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