Monday 7 July 2014

Learning: You are not just a role!

A participant after attending one of my training sessions  walks up to me to  hand over the feedback form. She stood there waiting till the rest of them left the class room. She obviously had something to say. I looked at her questioningly. She said, 

"I wanted to be a facilitator like you and train people"

During the session I had observed she was very restless, agile and temperamental - at times loud and dominating. Even before I ask more, she continued saying that she had missed an opportunity to be a trainer and the feedback given to her was she was overbearing. She admitted that she was aware about that personality defect in her. Now I asked, 

" What did you do about it?"

'Realization is the  first step to rectification' 

As I said nothing to contradict the earlier feedback, she was now doubly sure the exact areas she needed work on and she did. A few months later,  she met me to inform that she had become a trainer and confidently trains new hires.

BECKON was not conceptualized then as this happened a few years back. Her intention was to be a trainer and  she became one, however her colleagues, I am told, even then found her overbearing.  Though the role was achieved, the defects still remained.

BECKON is a learning model that ensures overall personality development not just sharpens the skills for a particular role. 

A thorough assessment reveals the symptoms only, example for a trainer's role - stage fright, confidence, grip on domain, presentation issues, incapability to hold audience's attention for too long, time management etc. There are a dozen programs and books to address that.

BECKON is beyond just identifying symptoms,  and proposing cure - it is the entire way we go with the participant till we see the outcome within a prescribed time frame - And the outcome is not just people without the symptoms,  people healed, people in their desired roles but people better in more than one dimension than what they were before BECKON.

People learn that if BECKON can be applied for one new learning,  it is applicable for every other learning they want to follow themselves,  going forward.

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