Thursday 24 August 2017

Alternate Learning: A Model To Focus On What Matters In Business

The whole idea is to assist companies get more with less.

1] Less cost 
2] More productivity 
3] Low investment 
4] More returns 
5] Less time 
6] More deliverables 
7] Limited scope
8] More engagement 
9] Less resources
10] More output

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A few examples:

One: If lengthy hiring cycle is reduced, that automatically has impact on cost

How: Alternate People Model 

Focused move towards Gig Economy for non-core functions that will be directly contacted by business based on their need for expertise.

Large corporation prefer two things:

A] Cultural fit
B] Competency fit

Two: If class room based behavioral training is replaced by self-learning and micro learning option

How: Alternate Learning Model 

Focused move from participation/ certification/ scores towards self-paced transformational learning where resources quantify their learning by linking it to business outcomes that is measurable. 

Large corporation prefer two things:

A] Impact on project
B] Capable work force ready for the future - Some firms have a competency framework to allocate the existing workforce in slots - Beginner; Intermediate and Expert

Why do we charge 25 times more than our contemporaries?

1] Our recommendations trigger alternate learning

When a BECKON Coach is aligned to a project, the dual responsibilities are:

A] Deliverable
B] Learning

2] Our inputs are actionable by any in house team

After Due Diligence and thorough research inputs that are recommended in our proposal is very much within the capacity of any team or internal leader to execute it to drive desired results

A] Hands on training which saves precious production hours
B] No external support or coach required, which again saves cost

3] There is ongoing support from BECKON Coach to develop a model that can replicated for multiple projects of similar nature.

4] We offer price slab (0 to 25 times) that depends on the kind of support companies need.

Read here to know more about 4Quadrantpricing

Write to to discuss your business concerns and adopt a model that enables leaders to focus on core functions that matter while the existing workforce gets slowly but gradually upgraded - skill wise and results wise.

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