Monday 14 August 2017

Make Your Own Lane: The Three Rs To Make $100000 every year?


You choose to read this blog knowing fully well:

A] I have not earned this amount yet
B] I am not remotely close to that figure.


We were strangers two years back living our own lives. He did not know I exist in this world and I had no idea about his existence either.

Thanks to digital connect and the ever evolving demand and supply landscape in the gig economy. He had a business requirement and I had the capability to offer a service that met that particular business need.

Mid June 2015: The first assignment I did for him was a business plan for a basketball coaching academy followed by glowing positive review. 

Soon he wanted me to work on a sponsorship proposal. The reality was I had never done one. I was open to learning and give it my best shot.

October 2016: I did budget proposal which was a joint venture with a music band

March 2017: He needed another business plan in the printing industry.

What is the point being driven here – Loyalty?


The first connect, the first delivery, the first experience is the moment of truth for any customer. It is the validation point for every expectation and anticipation for resolution that a customer has from the vendor/ contractor.

What you do for a customer the first time is the foundation for future business, strengthening a fruitful relationship and repeat-ability

Now what is the point being driven here – Differentiation?


With just 100 customers giving business worth $1000 every year or 1000 customers giving business (products and services) for $100 the revenue target is achieved.

What is the best reason for those 100 customers to come back to the same vendor/ contractor year after year for their different needs – It is not what is executed against a particular order, it is basically how close you take the company to their business outcome based on the task you perform

It is results that differentiate your function from the rest of your competitors, ensuring repeat business and better business relationships.

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The Ownership

Differentiation is the prime source of competitive advantage which ideally is the key component and essence of any business strategy

The task you perform brings value to your client only when that enables them to progress one step closer to their outcomes. You are better than your competitors because your services serve your clients more profitably.

Own business outcomes
Own personal outcomes
Design a framework that impacts human behavior and business routine
Capture the learning involved in the process to make it a repeatable model

Repeat-ability; Relationship and Results are integrated and each significantly supports the other.

Write to to qualify as a BECKON Coach by sharing a case study that captures your intervention to support individual or organization learning and measurable outcomes

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