Tuesday 22 August 2017

Make Your Own Lane: Is Free An Effective Business Model?

I have been reading Bhagavad Gita since last week.

“Dharma” is that which constantly exists with a particular object.

Just as light and heat is associated with fire, the essential part of the living being which is his constant companion - is his eternal quality, his eternal religion, his “Dharma”

Rendering of service is the eternal religion of the living being

I strongly believed and insisted - Free is not a business model. Providing free work as sample, or proof of one’s capability is something I discouraged and I coached my students accordingly. 

The only thing every BECKON Coach is ready to provide is free advise.

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A] Does Freebie work as a business model?

B] Why are so many professionals across the globe providing so much for free?

Free e-books
Free webinars
Free workshops
Free pitch decks
Free business plans
Free website building
Free tips on social media
Free information on blogs
Free samples of business plans, designs
Free trial
Free summits
Free photos
Free design
Free advertisements

Are all these freebies only to increase subscribers and mail database?

We all know

How many seconds it takes to unsubscribe?

We also know

Some of the freebies are worth hundreds of dollars. You really begin to wonder, how can such nuggets of wisdom be given for free?

So the greater truth is

It is your service (Information/ Products/ Services/ Solution) - that first step to resolve an existing pain and fill a gap - that is critical to build trust, credibility about your existence and capability in the market.

As humans we are conditioned to like any gesture or act that is selfless.

We often wonder when we receive a great white paper about any industry or a great e-book in our inbox, how can the company or the individual afford to send a high quality, thoroughly researched document for free?

Instinctively you like the person and want to be the last person to miss out on similar quality document that he is likely to send in the future.


This can lead to the following over a period of time

#Lead Funnel

However when the first word is being written or when preliminary research is being done - the only objective is to provide quality inputs that will be useful to a target market.

What do you have to offer for free which has huge demand in the existing market? When you do, you will know you are reflecting the truest nature of human being while serving the world as an entrepreneur in business.

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