Friday 18 August 2017

Make Your Own Lane: Towards Collaborative Economy

I had posted this on linkedIn  some time back and I did not receive a single response. 

There are so many consulting firms, startups, training companies, coaches, motivators and yet not a single case study that captures outcome that is quantifiable.

We are seriously having a tough time finding accountable coaches to expand our team.

How We Work

While we already have a virtual team that support our projects with teeny weeny jobs if at all the “Thinker” of the team does not have bandwidth to do those - non-core pieces like “Formatting”; “Web Research”; “Branding”; “Scribble to Smart Art”; “Cropping Images”; “Basic animation”; “uploading logo” “Typing” “Micro blogs” “Manage social media” “forum posting” "virtual assistance" etc.

The project lead who front ends the client, leads the project, coaches the team on live projects is the one who owns outcomes signed off with client.

Here the learning and teaching is for mastery of skills to deliver outcomes and has nothing to do with scores, grades or certification.

Chemistry With Passion

One of my students has this inexplicable liking for typing and is never bored.

Another student is so fond of reading and researching competitive intelligence

I love to do power point presentations – I enjoy brain storming on the story board and working on winning themes that will transfer conviction to the target audience.

I am a very happy person when I have a deck to do. I like to think about it even during my casual evening walks, research extensively, build my confidence, create the story board, rationalize each piece, prepare the presenter, design it well for effective visual communication and then send it to my client.

Another subject that excites me is startups – I may not always know the industry or the domain. I do know business, what an investor wants to see in a business and its team, the learning curve of an entrepreneur, the support a business owner is likely to need. I got a hang of this after collectively supporting over 70 clients across the globe.

Even as my house was getting painted and I stood near the stairs watching my stuff in the corridor, I talk to someone about how they can establish income online. Does that feel like work? I was educating a prospect about available avenues and possibly who will end up buying one of my products - The Beginner's Guide

The point I am trying to make:

The quiet moments of perfection come in when you are alone and mentally seeking. I find many people paranoid about the current job market and they just jump into a course like Digital Marketing or Google Analytics or whatever is trending without giving personal and natural inclination a chance.

Find your passion and make that your primary service offering.

Commitment To Outcomes

Outcomes are almost a natural progression from passion. What is done with passion is never left mid-way and there is a mental inclination to see the end of your intervention to measure impact.

Being in HR for 15 years does not mean, when you choose to freelance or build a startup or your alternative service portfolio to acquire new clients, you have to stick to the same domain.

Alternate Learning

Don't you spend a considerable time planning your travels, retreats and trips at least three times a year? You voluntarily take this up while your fellow travelers just travel leaving the coordinating piece completely on you. Now, why not do that for others? Will it feel like work? Will you then not be excited about your Mondays too? Will you not be ready to talk to that Airbnb host even on your off day, for clients who completely trust you with their trip's itinerary?

You go the extra mile because you know how it feels when something goes wrong in a trip, which could severely impact traveler's experience - What you do is out of your passion and what you deliver is outcomes.

If you switch to a calling you love, it is never work - it is passion and you will not rest till you achieve outcomes. As this is soul based and not exactly goal based, you will tend to learn in every way possible to master and be your best - online, social, micro, read, engage a specialist, experiential or on the job.

Credibility with recommendations

You can lead the sales team in a large corporation. That does not automatically qualify you to recommend sales strategy to an upcoming startup. What you recommend should suit the business in scope. 

How can a client trust your recommendation if you are not ready to walk your talk till it delivers results?

Recently while explaining the BECKON Framework and Four Quadrant pricing that we follow to a potential accountable coach - after exchange of roughly 10 pages of how and why with illustration and examples, the discussion faded to oblivion.

Another mail exchange with a employee cum consultant ended almost the same way.

They are ready to do the work, execute the order, even own outcomes in exchange of a higher fee, however not ready to refund in case the recommendations do not deliver results.

Our Rationale: Deliver outcomes or be ready to refund

We are moving towards a more collaborative economy, where experts engage, brain storm, the interns learn, deliver fundamental pieces of a project, the leads do the thinking and the client relation management for repeat business.

This arrangement is in place of standard hiring of full time resources and the surest way to succeed with this people's model is by delivering outcomes.

Write to to know more about outcomes driven coaching/ consulting.

Write to us, if you want to be BECKON Coach so that we can mail you the qualifying questionnaire.

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