Wednesday 23 August 2017

Learning: Reading Is The Appetizer For The Main Course - Learning

Take One

Most of us remember that famous line:

Kungfu lives in everything we do

That’s a very important lesson from Mr Han to Sao Dre (Film Karate Kid 2010)

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Take Two

Many of us need to remember this today

There is learning in everything we do

If you aren’t learning – You are enslaved by unproductive habits and thought patterns

Case Study:

Today morning, I was speaking to mother of a smart young boy studying in Class II. The kid must be 7 or 8 years old. She was worried about her son’s school environment and rationalizes that he will not be fully ready for his first board exam (Class X) if he continues in this school.

My question

Why don’t I see your son playing with the rest of the kids?

Her response:

I used to take him to the ground to play - now I don’t

My question

When is the last time you read a book?

Her response:

My son keeps me so busy. I do not find time to read books.

I had to tell this upfront –

It shows that you have not read anything for years.

It is her limited knowledge and understanding about education that is being imposed on that little boy.

The boy sings well, recites so well and I eagerly wait for his program in the local cultural functions every year, when I am in Kolkata

During my walk, every evening I see him making all kind of automobile noises standing near the window and if I happen to look at his direction, he will quickly wave at me. Can you imagine the sight?

You can spot a non-reader within 30 seconds.

1] They tend to talk about people/ things
2] Their list of excuses is never ending
3] They always have someone or something to blame

They can be eloquent, qualified, rich, dignified, hard-working, ambitious, provider for the family – all kinds - however a non-reader takes a very long time to activate their 4th intelligence.

How do you spot a reader in 30 seconds?

1] They talk about ideas
2] Mental growth matters
3] They learn to know or know to learn

Even if a person is illiterate and does not know to recognize alphabets – they will display these traits to reflect their craving for ideas, learning and mental growth.

According to me, it is the mother who needs coaching/ counseling

1] Being driven by goals is great. Planning is good.

Why should that apply only for the child and not for herself?

Why does she not set any goal for herself or any plans for her own growth?

2] She spoke about discipline multiple times

Why not set an example for the kid to follow - Healthy life style; morning walks, meditation, community initiative, part time work, side hustle from home or visiting elders (She has not visited her parents in 6 months who are just 40 kms away)

If one can relate to this, they should ideally introspect, reflect and assess if they are victims of age old habitual thinking patterns, unproductive habits that is affecting their choices and decision making.

Finding an excuse not to learn or do something new is a state of mind, crippled by one's one limiting thinking
Read to unlock that potential 
Write to if you need to discuss options for a learning road map

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